"Looking back, I see tremendous development"

Christoffer Fruergaard Larsen, Executive Vice President, Project Finance

How did you become a part of Better Energy?

It was May 2015 and I had started on my master’s degree in finance and investments. I began as a student assistant working with financial analysis and market analysis.

Back then, there weren’t so many of us. I had a lot of responsibility and felt more like a regular employee than a student assistant. I was working with financial models, and to some extent, I also do today. My analysis was used in decision making.

That was one of the biggest surprises to me. When I prepared material, it could be used in decision-making processes and as a means for accomplishing real financial objectives. It was not merely a document for internal use.

The final product in Better Energy is not an intangible investment product. The focus is on facilitating the construction of a solar power plant that generates energy. A week into the job and I was completely motivated to join Better Energy.

What has your path been at Better Energy so far?

After 1 1/2 years as a student assistant, I joined Better Energy as a full-time Analyst. It was a natural transition for me. I enjoyed having more time to claim more responsibility and work 100% on driving the development of my own project assignments.

I moved on to Transaction Manager after another 18 months. Later I became responsible for Project Development & Project Finance.

Time has flown by! But looking back, I see the tremendous development in Better Energy. So many things have happened in a short span of time.

Why did you choose to stay?

I have always seen the big ambitions of Better Energy and the possibilities for development. I have never felt that I should be somewhere else than Better Energy.

I am happy to be in a workplace where you can participate in different processes in the company. It gives me a better understanding of the different aspects of the business and how they come together. As an employee, I have had a hand in the business development of Better Energy, and I think that is a rare thing to be able to say.

I think many people dream of being a part of a business adventure where they immerse themselves in something small and then help develop and expand it.

It is probably something that I have been seeking and something which I have found in Better Energy. Mostly because of the people who are involved in managing Better Energy, but also because of my own work effort.

When you do well in a larger, more established company, you move up the ranks. This is different in Better Energy. I feel like I am a part of the company.

How has Better Energy changed?

Better Energy has always had a flat organisational structure. A lot of work is conducted across departments. This means that individuals get a lot of freedom with responsibility. There are always general guidelines and it is up to the individual to ensure that things are implemented.

We have grown a lot as a company, especially in the last year, and this requires more structure. In Better Energy, there is a lot of trust in an individual’s ability to assess.

How did the industry affect your decision to join Better Energy?

Renewable energy is a product that makes sense in every way. Better Energy’s work with solar plants has been perfectly timed. In the beginning, we covered a small percentage of the value chain, and our vision has always been to be able to cover the entire value chain. There are unprecedented opportunities for development in this industry, and it’s all about expanding Better Energy.

When I started, the industry was dependent on large subsidies. Thus, the industry was driven by governmental support. Today it is different, solar energy runs on market terms and is as competitive as fossil fuels.

Until now, the use of fossil fuels was somewhat justified, but that is no longer the case. There are no limitations for green energy. The market for green energy is so big that you can barely comprehend it.

There will be a huge demand for green energy, and for Better Energy. It is simply a matter of finding the best ways to stay innovative in our approach.