Document Manager

Line Sørensen, Document Manager

Why did you choose a job in the energy sector?

I actually ended up in the energy sector by coincidence. I had previously worked with energy-related questions but never as a central theme. I was recommended to apply for a job at Better Energy in 2019 and I really liked the people at the interview. Luckily, they also liked me.

I did not know much about solar parks to begin with, but early in the hiring process, it was emphasised that personality and grit were more important than knowing all the ins and outs. I guess I got lucky.

What do you do at Better Energy?

I am Document Manager in our Project Management Office, which means I am responsible for structuring our data flows, making sure that all the relevant data requirements are met and streamlining our processes.

I also implemented a documentation management system. These tasks are essential for ensuring the specific data flows for each park, but they also ensure that our operations are scalable. In short, I am a point of contact regarding documentation and I do a lot of due diligence. My work is really about making life easier for other parts of the organisation. But I have not always worked as a Document Manager. I began as a Project Coordinator in our Construction department – but after nine months, I was offered this position. I like structure and order, so it is a perfect fit.

How would you describe the culture at BE?

I love the culture. I love coming to work. I actually prefer coming to work than working from home, and it is not because of the canteen. If I had to describe the culture, I would call it helpful.

We all support each other and there is a clear feeling that we are all playing for the same team, going in the same direction. It is also a very diverse place. It is a great environment for learning more about energy and it is very rewarding to work with people who are this motivated. I also really enjoy our holistic approach to things, such as our biodiversity initiatives at the solar parks.

What kinds of biodiversity initiatives?

With the help of Habitats, a biodiversity consultancy, we’ve invested in several initiatives that can improve biodiversity. This includes everything from adding huge stones for insects and planting forests to creating different landscapes for various animals and plants. I am no biodiversity expert, but we try to improve habitats for wildlife and endangered species. My personal favourites are the sheep. They help graze the grass and are extremely cute. My heart melts when I see them running around. The sheep also help keep the grass low, so we do not need to cut it with machines. That way we save resources and the sheep get to graze for free. It is a win-win for both.

Why become a part of Better Energy?

Even though Better Energy is one of the Danish energy companies that installs the most renewable energy, it is still a fairly young company. We have two large offices in Copenhagen and Sønderborg, and a new office in Malmö, Sweden – but just a handful of years ago, the company consisted of only a few dozen people. That means we still have an entrepreneurial spirit and the distance from thought to action is short. I love that I have the opportunity to build something from scratch and can partake on this journey.

What has surprised you most about the journey?

The speed of everything! The other day, I had coffee with some colleagues who told me one of our solar parks had just been built. It seems like it was last month that work began on that project. The pace of progress has taken me by surprise.

The first time I visited a solar park was also eye-opening. The size was enormous and the renewable energy production was equally impressive. Most people probably don’t consider the Nordic countries as obvious places for solar parks, but they actually are. And to reach our climate targets, nothing can really compete with solar power, at least in the short term.

Our solar parks don’t need state subsidies. Obviously, there are no silver bullets in the green transition, but solar parks come pretty close.

Better Energy invested DKK 1.5 bn in the green transition in 2021
ESG Report 2021: Solar parks should increase biodiversity and protect groundwater