05 June 2018

A power boost for solar energy and green trade

Better Energy continues to make its mark, delivering more than 85% of Denmark’s large-scale solar systems in 2017, achieving strong financial results and exporting green technology in four new countries abroad.

The past year has been a whirlwind of activity for Better Energy as the company took significant steps in greening the grid and exporting their energy technology, knowledge and solutions.

In 2017, Better Energy achieved a net profit of DKK 77.5 million, a return on equity of 139% and a solvency ratio of 39%. These positive results reflected a high level of activity across all business areas, which are described in greater detail in the Better Energy annual report for 2017.

“We are satisfied with our 2017 results, absolutely, but profitability does not guarantee change. There are many attractive projects and markets, but achieving impact in a market is the real priority for Better Energy. With the progress made so far, we have created a financially sound and sustainable platform to support the activities that were initiated in 2017. Our expansion into four new markets enables us to maintain our business activities at a high level, and at the same time, will drive future growth,” explains Better Energy CEO Rasmus Lildholdt Kjær.


Advancing the green power agenda

In Denmark, Better Energy grid connected more than 85% of the country’s large-scale solar systems in 2017. The goal for 2018 is to continue to work as market leaders, increasing the scale and effectiveness of the green transition by leveraging technology and by providing value with predictive data insight.

Better Energy also established several new foreign offices and began exporting know-how and green energy solutions to the Netherlands, Poland and Ukraine in 2017. Operations are now also underway in Sweden in 2018.


Export of green technology

“Expansion is part of our future, but we will continue to prioritise depth over breadth and focus on markets where we can achieve impact on a significant scale. We want Denmark to be a world leader not only in producing and using but also in exporting green energy technology. Scaling up our operations will contribute to the Danish GDP and deliver a powerful boost to our energy goals,” concludes Better Energy EVP Markets & Project Finance Mark Augustenborg Ødum.

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