13 June 2019

Danish hospital complex makes powerful statement with solar

The new Odense University Hospital complex will include an on-site solar power plant built by Danish solar energy company Better Energy. The solar system will start generating green energy early to power the construction process.

When the new Odense University Hospital opens in 2022, thousands of staff, patients and daily visitors will see a powerful commitment to the community outside the hospital walls. A spike of land at the edge of the new property has been given new purpose. Better Energy will build a ground-mounted solar power plant that will produce clean energy – already in the construction phase.

“This is the first time in a public tender we see a requirement for solar energy to power a construction site. Solar energy is a logical choice to protect tight public budgets from price fluctuations and reduce carbon emissions for cleaner, more resilient communities. By using solar so early in the building process, the Region of Southern Denmark sends a powerful statement to the community that solar energy is a cost-effective and sustainable solution for the entire life cycle of a building project,” says Nicolai Faaborg Andresen, responsible for product solutions at Better Energy.

All solar energy generated on-site will be fed directly into the hospital after the four-year construction process is completed. The new solar plant also satisfies the new renewable energy supply regulations of Danish Building Class 2020, another requirement of the tender.

A compelling case for change

On-site energy production or off-site power purchase. Either way, choosing one of these options from Better Energy guarantees stable prices and new renewable energy via a new solar project.

“We can offer the best of both worlds – direct production or direct purchase – of clean electricity generated by a specific solar project. Both options are cost-competitive, and both options are directly associated with actual new energy projects,” explains Better Energy CEO Rasmus Lildholdt Kjær, and concludes:

“Solar is affordable, scalable, and at the same time, easy to integrate and easy to customise for local communities. This makes a compelling case for change.”

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