27 September 2017

Horslunde II solar park sets new standards

Phase II of Horslunde solar park on the Danish island of Lolland has just been completed on schedule and evaluated as “outstanding” in the technical review.

When the 17.4 MW Horslunde project was originally planned in 2015, the local power system was not ready for the full capacity. The project was then divided into two phases: Horslunde I (9.0 MW), which was completed in December 2015, and Horslunde II (8.4 MW), which was grid connected on 22 September 2017.

Horslunde II is a state-of-the-art park that will generate enough power to meet the annual electricity consumption needs of approximately 1,700 homes. Better Energy’s subsidiary ATsolar is responsible for the construction, operation and future maintenance of the park.

The internationally renowned engineering consultancy Krug & Schram described the technical quality of the plant as “outstanding” in their technical due diligence report, which is not often seen in the industry.

Asset Management Director Peter Søe-Jensen explains: “Technical due diligence is important to both lenders and asset owners, and it entails rigorous testing and assessment of plant reliability and performance. Ground survey, plant layout, performance measurements of modules, inverters and other components, technical installations, operational monitoring, safety, ease of maintenance, and land management are all factored into the evaluation.”

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