11 December 2017

New partners NRGI and Better Energy count on solar

Danish utility NRGi has invested a double-digit million-euro amount in a new partnership with Better Energy. They share ambitious plans to advance clean energy, including Denmark’s third largest solar park.

112 football pitches.

That is the size of Denmark’s third largest solar park, the latest collaboration between partners NRGi and Better Energy.

In addition to this new park in Nees off the west coast of Denmark, the two companies have earlier partnered on a solar park called Horslunde on the Danish island of Lolland. These two parks together generate enough electricity to power approximately 14,500 households with renewable energy from the sun.

“Solar energy is an interesting supplement to wind energy and holds significant commercial potential. We believe that over the next few years solar energy will become more critical in the transition to a greener and more sustainable energy system, and NRGi wants to be part of this transition. Better Energy is a strong player with the expertise needed to be a catalyst and boost solar development,” says Jakob Bundgaard, group director for strategy and renewables in NRGi.

Since 2012, Denmark’s Better Energy has been one of the fastest growing solar energy companies in Europe with over 150 MW in operation.

“We saw the potential of solar energy early on and dedicated all our efforts to be a world leader in this energy technology. We have a fully integrated value chain covering the development, design and construction of solar parks, enabling us to drive down the cost of solar energy. This is how we can make the greatest difference in the green energy transition,” says Rasmus Lildholdt Kjær, CEO of Better Energy.

The solar PV parks in Horslunde and Nees contribute a total capacity of 53.3 MWp to NRGi’s growing portfolio of renewable energy, which also comprises 63.2 MW of wind energy and investments for approximately €134 million.

This investment in solar energy is the first of its kind for NRGi, which has invested in wind up to now. It is not the type of energy, however, which is the deciding factor in their renewable energy investments:

“We have always been looking for market-driving projects and potential within all types of renewable energy. The essential thing is that the projects are economically viable and make a real impact on the energy transition in the long run,” explains Jakob Bundgaard.

In addition to the business potential, accelerating the country’s growth in clean energy resources is also a major driver for Better Energy. They see good opportunities for synergy in the newly established cooperation:

“We see great potential for cheap green energy in Denmark, where solar energy will be major component of the future energy mix. It is, therefore, very positive that one of the country’s largest energy companies like NRGi also sees the possibilities of investing in solar energy and contributes with business strength and capital,” concludes Rasmus Lildholdt Kjær.

NRGi and Better Energy will continue to look for new joint solar projects in Denmark over the next few years.

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