06 July 2017

Prysmian signs framework agreement with Better Energy

New cable supplier agreement will optimise procurement, reduce costs and ensure capacity for significant growth.

Better Energy has chosen Prysmian Denmark as cable supplier for its next upcoming solar PV parks due to the group’s extensive range of cables and excellent level of service. A two-year framework agreement has been signed for the delivery of a broad range of cables, primarily UV resistant cables for PV systems such as  TECSUN (PV) H1Z2Z2-K 1.5 kV DC cable, 1 kV installation cable, 12 kV XLPE supply cable, and fiber optical cables.

“Having just one supplier is a way of optimising procurement, supply logistics and installation processes. It saves us valuable resources and enables us to benefit from economies of scale in the future,” explains EVP Technology & Solutions Mikkel Dau Jacobsen from Better Energy.

“We are very pleased with the Better Energy collaboration, as we consider this a stepping stone to creating even more sustainable energy solutions. This is also in line with our overall mission,” says Salli Hara, country manager at Prysmian Denmark.

Photovoltaic installation cables differ from standard cables in that they are constructed according to standard EN 50618 which requires cross-linked and halogen-free insulation and jacketing that function at a normal conductor temperature of 90°C and up to 20,000 hours at a maximum conductor temperature of 120°C. Additionally, these cables are oil, chemical, weather and UV resistant and can endure mechanical stress. A version with a metal shield is also possible as a protection against rodents. The expected service life for these cables if properly used and installed is at least 25 years.

Prysmian delivers cables for PV park Horslunde

Their first project delivery will be to the second phase of PV park Horslunde on the island of Lolland in Denmark, which is an 8.5 MW PV park currently under construction by Better Energy.

“We are very pleased with the Prysmian collaboration as well as the electric installation which has proceeded without complications. Michael Vater from Better Energy and I look forward to a continued constructive future collaboration,” states Lars S. Thomsen, co-founder of ATsolar.

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