Broaden your portfolio of secure investments. Tailor-made services for long-term profitability.

Access the global renewable industry

Demand for clean, safe, sustainable energy continues to grow, and opportunities for investment are also growing. Better Energy can provide financial partners with long-term, stable, reliable returns and low risk. More large-scale investors are making renewable investments, increasing the size and number of clean energy systems and new financing options.

Tailored to individual requirements

Better Energy is a partner for institutional investors such as pension funds and insurance companies, corporate and industrial businesses, family offices and professional investors. We work closely with our financial partners and look at individual asset portfolios and strategic investment criteria. We can design and develop a customised portfolio of bankable projects for long-term investments.


A secure, future-proof investment

  • Attractive returns
  • Low and managed risk
  • Limited operational involvement
  • Predictable cash flow

Fast growing, global opportunities

By partnering with us, you have the possibility to diversify into several geographic areas and markets. Better Energy provides partners and investors with opportunities to invest in many layers of the capital stack and in larger market portfolios. Better Energy can also continue to take an active role in managing assets and project portfolios in multiple markets.

Proven track record, financial stability

Better Energy develops, designs, engineers, finances, builds, operates and maintains utility-scale solar projects. We can leverage our expertise as owners, operators and investors to deliver on a solar system’s expected energy performance and return on investment.

Partnering to add value

We build financing together with partners and investors to ensure that all parties reach their objectives. Strong relationships enable us to create more innovative solutions with unique revenue opportunities. There is a growing tendency for investors to enter at earlier stages in the project development process, and this gives rise to new financial solutions.

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