Do more with less. Create revenue with public buildings and land.

Do more with less

Reduce spending, use fewer resources and become more sustainable. The public sector is under constant pressure to do more with less. Being more sustainable can often seem out of reach.

We collaborate with schools, hospitals, universities, and local government to get more out of the resources they already have. Transform land, buildings and public facilities into revenue generating assets. Turn brownfield into brightfield.

We support and strengthen your efforts. Collaboration can increase your capacity to plan, fund, create and protect climate-smart infrastructure.

We take time to listen and learn

Our ultimate goal is to help communities with their development. How can we bring long-term benefits to local areas and the people who live there?

We meet with neighbours and participate in town hall meetings to gather useful information about the area. We are open to ideas and listen to concerns. Are there issues we may have missed? We want people to be involved and well informed. When we follow up on input, local suggestions are often adopted in our development plans.

Cleaner, greener, stronger ecosystems

Protect plants, animals and natural areas. We support city councils, planning authorities and landowners in taking care of open spaces. Growth in green energy can create a strong ripple effect of positive impact. A clean energy ecosystem can strengthen communities.

Better Energy EcoPark concept

Every solar park has the potential to become a unique ecosystem that can benefit the environment and the surrounding community.

Better Energy EcoPark is a new way to power communities. It is an entire ecosystem business model with the potential to provide clean energy, groundwater protection, jobs, organic food, pollinators, grazing areas, new revenue options and increased biodiversity – all on the same piece of land.

Community solar

We want everyone to have the option to choose local, clean, affordable solar energy. We work with local residents, policymakers and utilities to develop community solar programs.

Community solar is becoming increasingly popular because customers can access solar energy without installing solar systems on their rooftops. With community solar, residents can support and benefit from local solar power projects. Residents support the financing an off-site solar park by purchasing shares of the project or by subscribing to power generated by the project through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). Residents can enjoy solar power without on-site installation or maintenance.

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