Asset management (AM)

Professional services that maximise project value, lifecycle performance and investor returns

World class management

Managing assets has become increasingly complex. We have a complete understanding of the commercial, technical, financial and administrative management of renewable energy assets.

Production of electricity in 2017 from assets under management totalled 218 GWh. Since 2012, Better Energy has established solar parks with a capacity of 164 MW.

Full range of services

Better Energy offers a wide range of services that are supported by our service technology centre. We monitor and manage all performance and commercial activities throughout the project life cycle. The goal is to achieve a higher asset value and reduce risk by optimising processes and on-the-ground performance.

Extensive in-house expertise

Customers can leverage our in-house technical, financial, legal, and O&M expertise and create individual solutions tailored to meet their specific needs. Customers benefit from having highly trained professional teams proactively manage and operate their assets. Better Energy covers operational risk and optimises returns.