What we do

Better Energy is a renewable energy company making an impact in Denmark, Poland, Sweden and Finland.

Better Energy was founded with the purpose of driving and accelerating the transition to renewable energy sources with better solutions and mass quantities of affordable green energy.

We want to create new and additional renewable energy.

Develop, construct and operate energy parks

Better Energy is a renewable energy company that creates new green energy. We focus on renewable energy solutions that reduces CO2, strengthens biodiversity and is also cheaper than coal, oil, and gas.

We believe this is better energy for all. And this is how we make an impact that matters.

So, we design, develop, engineer, finance, build, operate and own renewable power plants in several Northern European markets.

This green power from our energy parks is delivered to local and national electricity grids. Individual businesses can purchase clean power directly from Better Energy through power purchase agreements (PPAs).

How Better Energy drives the green transition

Better Energy is a vital organisation for the realisation of a renewable energy revolution.

Companies make an agreement to buy power from us, and their commitment enables us to build renewable power plants that add new green energy to the energy supply.

We want to lead the way and show others how to shape our energy future in a way that phases out fossil fuels and benefits biodiversity and ecosystems. We want to make a positive measurable difference that lasts for generations: impact that matters.

Integrated value chain

Our business model and operations are optimally structured to deliver on our purpose. Better Energy’s integrated value chain seamlessly blends each phase of development and construction, including selection of land, grid, community engagement, social integration, power purchase agreements and finance.

We take a lean and industrial approach to renewable energy deploy­ment. This approach is designed to be effective within Northern European markets and the wider European region where value can be created.

Our business model is highly scalable and enables us to deliver a continuous stream of large-scale projects in several countries in one, seamless, end-to-end process.

Vertical integration enables Better Energy to optimise work pro­cesses, reduce costs and create more value for stakeholders in all aspects of the value chain.

We have the freedom and flexibility to innovate and apply new technology and efficiencies immediately in our solar plants.

Better Energy’s vision, solutions and vertically integrated business model drive the transition towards a renewable energy economy.