04 July 2024

Marius Pedersen A/S secures local green energy on Funen from Better Energy’s Fraugde Solar Park for the next 10 years

The environmental company Marius Pedersen A/S, with approximately 1,500 employees across Denmark, will source green energy from a solar park near Fraugde in Odense municipality.

Marius Pedersen A/S’ Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Better Energy means that the company will offtake new green and subsidy-free electricity from a newly established solar park. The agreement ensures the company receives green power for a 10-year period, which delights Jens Mortensen, Chief Innovation Officer at Marius Pedersen.

“We are a company that works with waste recycling and circular economy, and we constantly aim to develop and achieve new sustainable goals. Therefore, we want to support the green transition and use green power for our energy consumption in all aspects of production. It feels absolutely right.”

The power will be used locally on Funen

Marius Pedersen operates several facilities on Funen, not far from the 74-hectare solar park situated just outside Fraugde. Mikkel Thorup, Senior Director of Power Purchase Agreements at Better Energy, is pleased that the power will be consumed by a local company.

“I am very pleased when we succeed in making agreements with companies that have significant local impact, as Marius Pedersen A/S has had for many years. The choice to purchase new green power directly influences the energy transition we are in the midst of,” says Mikkel Thorup.

“Many of our employees pass by the solar park every day, and it is very good to know that we will be purchasing renewable energy from the park for the next 10 years, covering the electricity consumption in our production facilities in Odense, Sandholt Lyndelse, and Ferritslev on Funen,” says Jens Mortensen.

The solar park will annually deliver around 81 GWh, corresponding to the average annual electricity consumption of approximately 51,000 Danes, or almost 30% of Odense’s 180,000 residents.

For the solar park in Fraugde to be established, the fields have been taken out of agricultural production, and instead, grass has been sown. This has removed harmful fertilisers and pesticides from the area, and sheep will be introduced to graze and maintain the landscape.

The solar park is planned to be connected to the power grid by the end of the year. Better Energy owns and is responsible for the construction, operation and maintenance of the upcoming park.


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Better Energy is a fully integrated renewable energy company that builds additional green energy capacity. We develop, build, own and operate large-scale renewable energy parks with a focus on local and regional value creation and a strong commitment to nature. The green electricity we produce provides companies with more certainty and allows them to have an impact beyond meeting sustainability targets.