02 March 2023

PwC shows green leadership through a 10-year PPA with Better Energy

PwC Denmark has just entered into a Power Purchase Agreement with Better Energy, which from 2023 will deliver the equivalent of the total power consumption of PwC Denmark's offices across the country through a newly constructed solar park. With the agreement, PwC is thus the first in the industry to ensure that more green power is produced in Denmark.

Later in 2023, PwC’s electricity consumption will be covered by renewable energy based on an agreement with Better Energy. PwC is thus also replacing the use of green certificates, which have so far ensured 100% green power in PwC, with a solution that now also adds new, green energy to the electricity grid.

"At PwC, we are proud that we together with Better Energy are leading the way and ensuring more green power for the benefit of the climate. Climate is an important part of our corporate responsibility strategy and net zero ambition, which supports our purpose of strengthening trust in society and solving important challenges," says Mogens Nørgaard Mogensen, CEO and Senior Partner at PwC. He adds:

"On a global scale, we have committed to be net zero by 2030, and production of green power is another way to ensure that PwC makes a real positive contribution by reducing our own climate footprint, while helping to ensure that even more green power enters the grid.”

The agreement contributes to Better Energy building a new solar park that will supply green electricity corresponding to the annual electricity consumption of approximately 45,000 Danes. The solar park will be established on market terms without subsidies.

"It is positive that with this agreement PwC is leading the way in the green transition. A Power Purchase Agreement that actively contributes to the production of new, green energy is the most direct way to support the transition to sustainable energy. PwC shows green leadership that hopefully can inspire others both in the industry and beyond," says Rasmus Lildholdt Kjær, CEO of Better Energy.