Green Energy

Purchase green energy and support the green transition through a power purchase agreement (PPA).

The transition to renewable energy sources can only be achieved by long-term partnerships that add new renewable energy to the energy supply.

A Better Energy power purchase agreement (PPA) provides commercial, industrial and public sector partners with the opportunity to support the transition and meet sustainability goals.

Reduce energy costs while supporting renewable energy

When we build new solar parks, we add new renewable energy to the electricity grid. Only by creating and adding new renewable energy, we can limit the use of fossil fuels in the energy system. Solar is the most cost-effective, versatile and scalable solution on the market today.

Many of our PPA's are currently being signed even before our renewable parks are connected to the electricity grid. This means that they ensure true additionality and help drive new solar power development.

At Better Energy, we can also deliver long-term stability of energy prices, allowing our partners and customers to better plan and calculate their cost of business.

Get inspired to purchase green power

Find out why green power is such good business.
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We offer different solutions focusing on either fixed prices or fixed volumes.

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Market-driven green energy for businesses

To make an impact that matters in the green transition, we need the market to pursue green energy. 

That is why Better Energy delivers new green energy that is affordable and free of subsidies. We focus on making the renewable energy produced in our parks available and attractive for businesses.

Switching to green energy can have a significant impact on sustainability targets. Together with our partners and customers, we approach PPA's as an effective tool to speed up the green transition.

PPA's provide the opportunity to be co-drivers of the renewable energy transition once companies choose to offtake green power from Better Energy.

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Better Energy's PPA Partners

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