Green Energy

Green the grid with us – purchase clean energy and support progress.

Green the grid with us

The transition to renewable energy sources can only be achieved by adding new renewable energy to our energy supply. Only by creating and adding new renewable energy can fossil fuels be phased out of the energy system.

Green power is good business. Green power is the solution to a cleaner, sustainable energy system – and solar is the most cost-effective, versatile and scalable solution on the market today.

A Better Energy power purchase agreement (PPA) provides commercial, industrial and public sector customers with the opportunity to buy electricity at a fixed cost. Take action for a more sustainable world and hedge against rising energy costs. Purchase clean energy in a way that drives the development of new solar power.

Green Power (PPA)

Find out why green power is such good business.
Read more about the benefits of adding power to the grid with a Better Energy PPA.

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PPA benefits

  • Boost development of new green energy projects
  • Reach your sustainability goals faster
  • Know your future energy costs

Subsidy-free green energy
Until now, renewable energy has been helped into the market by government subsidies and support schemes. The granting of this support has had the effect of additionality, the fact that new renewable energy plants have been built and new renewable energy has been added to the energy supply.

New drivers of the green transition

Today, we need the market to pursue new green energy. Companies can be drivers of the renewable energy transition but only if they make the right choice of green power.

Corporate power purchase agreements with additionality are now a critical tool in adding new renewables to the grid and phasing out fossil fuels in our energy system. New affordable green energy is now available for companies to purchase. Companies need to make a change – and make a choice – to make a difference.