06 October 2023

Better Energy Opens TRIBE, its R&D Solar Park to Industry Experts and Partners

Better Energy welcomed industry, academia, partners and media to its R&D solar park, TRIBE, on October 5th to share the innovation at the forefront of the photovoltaic (PV) sector. Located in Sønderborg, Denmark, TRIBE is one of Europe's largest PV test facilities.

With ownership of the entire value chain, Better Energy uses TRIBE to grow its understanding of how the solar parks it develops, builds and operates can help progress the transition to renewable energy across Europe.

Pioneering an energy system based on renewables

The opening event was an invitation for industry partners and stakeholders to learn about the opportunities for collaboration on testing innovative technologies and strategies at the R&D park. Better Energy trials PV technological advancements with the aim of scaling them across its markets in Northern Europe. Continually evaluating its technology comes from Better Energy’s commitment to play an active role in shaping the energy system of the future, allowing its partners and stakeholders to participate and drive the green transition. TRIBE is also where Better Energy displays some of their biodiversity initiatives that enrich and benefit microhabitats for local fauna and flora at its solar parks.

Industry and academic stakeholders share insights and pathways for future innovation

The opening event included a guided tour of the R&D solar park, followed by several presentations from both Better Energy and industry experts. Speakers from energy sector leaders such as Energinet, N1 and the Danish District Heating Association presented on the future of Europe’s electrical grid, sector coupling and how to support the transformation of renewable energy systems. Academic institutes, including Aalborg University, University of Aarhus, Danish Technological University and the University of Southern Denmark, came together to discuss research around the advancements in PV technology and the improving efficiency of renewable energy production. Mikkel Dau Jacobsen, Co-founder and Executive Operations Advisor at Better Energy, moderated panel discussions.

“Partnerships and knowledge sharing will drive the transition to renewable energy and the resulting mitigation of climate change,” said Mikkel Dau Jacobsen at the closing of the event. “Thank you to everyone for participating and attending the opening of TRIBE, we hope that we can continue to innovate and drive the transition to green energy together.”

Scaling innovation at solar parks across Europe

TRIBE is located in Sønderborg in Jutland next to Better Energy’s offices and the first Better Energy Charge EV charging park. Similar to the innovation trialed at TRIBE, Better Energy Charge offers dynamic pricing to encourage consumers to charge their vehicles when there is the most renewable energy in the grid. The strategic positioning of TRIBE in Sønderborg, a municipality with clear and ambitious climate plans including their commitment to Project ZERO 2029, allows Better Energy to efficiently translate the learnings from these initiatives to solar parks and communities throughout Denmark and its nearby markets of Sweden, Poland and Finland.