ESG Report 2020

Better Energy’s first ESG report communicates the company’s commitment to future-fitness. The report is organised in eight main sections, a narrative summary built around the eight properties of a Future-Fit Society and presents important focus areas from 2020 and the progress that has been achieved.

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Annual Report 2020

Better Energy continues to scale up renewable energy production and leads the way with novel solutions that benefit climate, nature and people.

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Annual Report 2019

Better Energy brings momentum to the green transition
with groundbreaking subsidy-free green energy
and biodiversity initiatives.

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Annual Report 2018

With a historic milestone in Denmark with subsidy-free
solar and new green energy capacity in Northern Europe,
Better Energy delivers another year of clean energy progress.

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Annual Report 2017

Learn more about Better Energy and how we are greening the grid in Denmark and making an impact in our markets with our green energy technology. 

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Green Power (PPA)

Find out why green power is such good business.
Read about the benefits of adding power to the grid with a Better Energy PPA. 

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Community Engagement

Read about the 10 principles we use for community engagement over the life of a solar project.

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Community Q&A

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive from communties.

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Better Energy was founded with a purpose. We are pioneers, innovators and entrepreneurs who are here to make an impact that matters.

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Better Energy ESG Report 2020
Better Energy Annual Report 2020