22 September 2023

Better Energy's Chief Legal Officer, Ho Kei Au, wins the 2023 Company Lawyer Award

Better Energy is proud to announce that our Chief Legal Officer, Ho Kei Au, has won the prestigious 2023 Company Lawyer Award. The award, presented by Kromann Reumert and the Danish Corporate Counsel Association, recognises his exceptional commitment, integrity, teamwork, energy and influence on the company's growth and success.

Ho Kei was recognised for his role in building, leading, and driving Better Energy’s legal team. His commitment, integrity, teamwork, and energy to support the development of others are highlighted by building, organising, and running immersive development days for Better Energy’s legal team based on the company’s values and partner-orientated approach. His desire to help others grow professionally, establish Better Energy’s legal team as an integrated value-adding department and raise awareness of the value of in-house lawyers across legal professionals were also outlined as reasons for his selection.

Ho Kei has been an integral part of Better Energy's Executive Board, creating value as he helped transform Better Energy from a project developer selling solar parks to an Independent Power Producer who owns, develops, builds, and manages renewable energy parks across several countries. Since joining Better Energy as the first full-time legal professional six years ago, he has built a legal department of over 40 people spanning four European markets. His priority is the well-being and continuous development of his team, bringing a diverse range of professionals together across jurisdictions to make an impact on the green transition.

"Ho Kei's exceptional leadership, social skills and legal expertise have been instrumental in our journey towards establishing Better Energy as a pioneer in the renewable energy sector. His commitment, integrity, teamwork, and energy continue to set new standards for our company and the industry," said Rasmus Lildholdt Kjær, CEO of Better Energy, following the announcement on 21 September 2023.

Over the past six years, Ho Kei has been the main driver with his legal management team in facilitating legal aspects related to the development, financing, construction, and operation of more than 120 solar parks. He has also developed the legal framework for all Better Energy employees as the company has grown. This growth translates into an annual production capacity of more than 1.5 GW of green energy, approximately equating to the annual electricity consumption of around 1 million people.

In connection with the award, Ho Kei will donate DKK 75,000 to ActionAid Denmark to support their efforts in aiding children, youth, and women in Ukraine, where Better Energy owns a solar park and has two employees.

In 2022, the legal department also transacted a significant investment from the Danish pension fund, ATP, which, as a result, became a minority owner of Better Energy Holding A/S.

Ho Kei always sees the whole Better Energy “project” and goes for the right solutions for both Better Energy and its people, stakeholders, and partners, using the motto: “It is a long-term cooperation and has to be sustainable for all parties. Always to do the right thing, even if nobody is watching, that is integrity.”

With several upcoming portfolios of energy parks becoming ready for investments, Better Energy is well-positioned with a strong and experienced legal team in place. 

The Company Lawyer Award was founded by the law firm Kromann Reumert and law association Danish Corporate Counsel Association and is awarded to a lawyer or legal team for their effort and achievement as in-house legal counsel at a commercial company. A committee consisting of executives, board members and lawyers is responsible for selecting the award recipient each year.

Better Energy expresses its gratitude to the entire legal department across all of its markets and, in particular, Ho Kei, for their remarkable commitment, integrity, teamwork, energy, professionalism and positive influence on the company, its people, and its commercial acumen.


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