12 May 2020

Chr. Hansen hits 100% green energy target with Better Energy solar

Better Energy has completed the final phases of two solar plants in Slagelse and Rejstrup, Denmark. The two new solar plants are now grid connected.

Last year, global bioscience company Chr. Hansen entered into a long-term power purchase agreement (PPA) with Better Energy which enables them to switch to 100% renewable energy in Denmark. Two brand new solar plants are now operational and will supply Chr. Hansen with green energy according to the agreement. The energy capacity created by the two solar plants corresponds to the average annual energy consumption of almost 33,750 people living in Denmark. Chr. Hansen will use two-thirds of the production.

Better Energy and Chr. Hansen share a commitment to sustainable development. According to Annemarie Meisling, senior director of sustainability in Chr. Hansen, the two new solar plants will enable Chr. Hansen to hit their 100% renewable energy target in Denmark and thus make their footprint greener:

“We want to contribute positively to the transition to green energy. That is why we have decided to buy solar energy from Better Energy’s two new plants so that our good bacteria and natural colors have a green footprint, both externally with our customers and on our home turf where some of our largest production sites are located.”

According to Peter Munck Søe-Jensen, EVP for power production & asset management in Better Energy, we can facilitate the transition to a low-carbon economy if we make the right choices now:

“Chr. Hansen’s purchase of electricity from our two new solar plants for the next 10 years is groundbreaking. Today, it is possible to choose a new green energy supply that truly makes a difference because it directly supports the development of new renewable energy sources. In the transition towards a renewable energy supply, companies can make a world of difference by buying new green energy.”

Get a feel for the solar plant in Slagelse with Peter Munck Søe-Jensen and Torsten Steenholt, EVP for global operations in Chr. Hansen in the above video. Torsten Steenholt explains how Chr. Hansen makes their footprint greener with solar energy from Better Energy:

“I’m extremely proud of our partnership with Better Energy and of the positive footprint this will create going forward. At Chr. Hansen, sustainability is key to our business and our product portfolio. We deliver innovative solutions that can address some of the world’s greatest challenges such as extensive use of chemical pesticides, food waste, antibiotic overuse and food waste. The fact that we can now start delivering these innovative products with a green footprint is a testimony to our strong sustainability profile.”