27 March 2024

DIY Retailer Leroy Merlin Poland with green energy from Better Energy

Leroy Merlin Poland has signed a PPA with Better Energy to supply green energy to the retailer's chain of construction and decoration shops.

The guaranteed annual volume of renewable energy will amount to 14 GWh or approximately 20% of Leroy Merlin's domestic electricity consumption. This corresponds to the annual electricity needs of around 7,000 Polish households. Better Energy’s Chelmno solar park is currently under construction, and the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is expected to commence in 2025.

The 10-year physical PPA will see Leroy Merlin offtake renewable energy from Better Energy's Chelmno solar park. In the selected physical PPA model, green energy is distributed from the producer to the offtaker, within the existing grid infrastructure and through a selected balancing entity. The benefit for the energy consumer not only includes the opportunity to reduce emissions and contribute to establishing a new solar park but also secures renewable energy on a long-term basis at an attractive price.

“Our green logo is proof of our obligation. Signing a contract for the long-term supply of energy from renewable installations is not only a source of satisfaction but, above all, a milestone in our energy transformation. This first PPA for Leroy Merlin Poland is likely not the last, as it’s in line with the strategy of social and environmental responsibility of our business which we’re consistently implementing. Energy transformation is its key pillar – in addition to continuous efforts to reduce our current energy consumption and add our renewable energy installations, with 11 already built and more in the pipeline,” explains Krzysztof Kordulewski, CEO of Leroy Merlin Poland.

“By signing PPAs with Better Energy, companies contribute to the construction of green installations and adding new renewable capacity to the power grid. Through our solar parks, we want to help them secure cost-effective green energy and reduce their carbon impact. By working with us, they can effectively meet their climate goals and future-proof their business,” says Mikkel Thorup, Senior Director of PPA at Better Energy.

Green energy for Leroy Merlin Poland

The 10-year PPA will allow Leroy Merlin Poland to secure the long-term supply of green renewable energy from the Chelmno solar park at a stable price. Starting from January 2025, around 20% of the company's energy needs will be covered by electricity from renewable sources. This is expected to decrease its emissions by more than 8,000 tons of CO2 per year.

Measures to reduce the company's emissions, especially those related to energy consumption, are key to meeting Leroy Merlin Poland’s short-term climate goals. These are specifically defined – total emissions for the company and its value chain are to be down by 50% in 2035 compared to 2022, and climate neutrality is to be achieved no later than 2050.

PPAs from Better Energy guarantee attractive energy prices and support green growth

A PPA with Better Energy is a way for companies to gain access to renewable energy while contributing to the establishment of a new solar park and steering the economy on a green track. In addition to contributing to reducing emissions, it can serve as a hedge to provide a long-term price guarantee on the electricity market. To date, Better Energy has signed more than 60 PPAs.


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About Leroy Merlin Poland

Leroy Merlin Poland is a chain of construction and decoration (DIY) stores. It launched operations in Poland in 1994, with the opening of its first store in Piaseczno, near Warsaw, taking place. Currently, the Polish market has 78 stationary stores located in almost every province, as well as an online store presence.

In March 2024, the company inaugurated the Robi Klimat project - an offer combining savings and reduction of environmental impact for clients. 

About Better Energy

Better Energy is a fully integrated renewable energy company that builds additional green energy capacity. We develop, build, own and operate large-scale renewable energy parks with an integrated focus on local and regional value creation and a strong commitment to nature. The clean electricity we sell is more affordable than coal, oil, and gas, and we are one of the fastest growing providers of solar energy in Northern Europe with a pipeline of over 13 GW of solar parks.