13 December 2023

Semler Gruppen, Denmark's Largest Car Importer, Signs 10-year PPA with Better Energy

Through the Power Purchase Agreement, Semler Gruppen will contribute to the construction of a new Better Energy solar park on Funen, Denmark. The solar park is expected to have an annual production capacity of 81 GWh, the equivalent of the annual electricity consumption of approximately 50,600 Danes.

Semler Gruppen, Denmark’s largest importer of automotive brands, has signed a 10-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Better Energy. The purchased green electricity will cover about 60% of the electricity consumption at Semler Gruppen's retail outlets in Jutland and Funen.


Focus on sustainability in automotive retail

Semler Gruppen views social responsibility as a key contributor to business growth, placing it on par with customer satisfaction and dedicated employees. Responsible for over 25% of all new car sales in Denmark, the automotive group’s increased focus on sustainability in mobility is the main driver for the PPA. Purchasing new renewable energy is a significant part of Semler's long-term climate strategy, recently endorsed by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi).

"Purchasing additional renewable energy is one of the most effective ways to achieve our SBTi-approved 2030 CO2 reduction goals," says Kristian Sannemand Lund Kristensen, Head of Sustainability at Semler Gruppen. "It is a crucial step for us, both as a loyal representative and partner for Volkswagen AG and as a responsible company and employer for approximately 3,000 employees."


Partnerships accelerate the green transition

Semler Gruppen’s commitment sees it join a growing group of companies taking action on its climate ambitions. Better Energy works with companies spanning various sectors and business operations to develop solutions tailored to their electricity requirements.

"Throughout the process, we have had a very constructive dialogue with the Semler Gruppen team, where it has been evident that they have a deep understanding of the importance of their electricity procurement and how it contributes to establishing new renewable energy," said Mikkel Thorup, Director of PPAs at Better Energy.


A step towards Odense Municipality's Climate Neutral vision

The partnership contributes to establishing a 74-hectare solar park near Fraugde in Odense Municipality. The solar park is expected to produce 81 GWh of electricity annually, equivalent to the average annual electricity consumption of approximately 50,600 Danes, or nearly 30% of Odense's 180,000 residents. The solar park near Fraugde supports the vision of a climate and environmentally-friendly city by contributing to green energy production, a vision outlined in Odense Municipality's climate plan 'Climate Neutral 2030.'

Better Energy continues to see interest from a growing number of companies and municipalities that want to actively contribute to the green transition. Beyond finding the land suitable for a solar park, it is important for Better Energy to develop a local anchor and define how a park will create value for surrounding communities. The Fraugde solar park is an example of positive collaboration between all stakeholders.

"In our work developing new solar parks, we are always fundamentally guided by whether the solar park can be integrated and rooted in the local community, and with the upcoming park in Fraugde, we have succeeded in strong collaboration with Odense Municipality and the local community," says Esben Billeskov, Executive Vice President of Project Development at Better Energy.


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About Semler Gruppen

Semler Gruppen is Denmark's largest mobility provider, playing a key role in shaping developments in both personal transportation and agriculture. The company handles the import and retail of brands such as Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, CUPRA, Škoda, Porsche, Lamborghini, Bentley, and Ducati in Denmark. Additionally, Semler Gruppen is involved in activities in Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. As the country's largest automotive player, the group, through Semler Agro, serves as a reliable partner for agriculture, featuring brands like John Deere and Väderstad at the forefront.

Beyond its role in the automotive industry, Semler Gruppen is engaged in financing, leasing, subscription solutions, construction, and consulting through entities such as Volkswagen Semler Finans Denmark, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Dribe, RTT, Holo, and Connected Cars.