21 September 2023

Better Energy’s EV Charging Park Aims to Encourage Flexible Energy Consumption Through Affordable and Transparent Pricing

To drive the green transition and create value for communities throughout Denmark, Better Energy has unveiled its first Electric Vehicle (EV) charging concept: Better Energy Charge.

The fast-charging EV park is one of the first to implement a dynamic pricing model that encourages consumers to charge their vehicles when there is the most renewable energy in the grid. Located in Sønderborg and positioned next to Better Energy’s R&D solar park, the charging park aims to create a connection between energy production and consumption while helping plan for long-term transport needs in the region. By implementing this innovative pricing model, Better Energy aims to inspire change in the EV charging infrastructure so that more vehicles are powered by green energy.

Dynamic pricing model designed to change consumer behaviour

Designed to encourage flexible energy consumption amongst consumers, Better Energy Charge differs from traditional fixed pricing schemes by lowering prices to incentivise people to consume energy at peak times for renewable energy. Available the day before, the charging price follows the Danish energy spot prices, and the park’s price board is also visible from the road. These initiatives help consumers plan so they may charge their vehicles when it is the greenest and the cheapest. By charging EVs when solar and wind energy production is high, consumers can increase the probability that it is renewable and not black energy powering their vehicles.

“We want to encourage people to charge their cars when there is a lot of renewable electricity in the grid by making it cheaper when the sun is shining and the wind is blowing,” said Peter Munck Søe-Jensen, EVP of Power Solutions at Better Energy. “Not only does this approach offer lower prices to users, but it helps solve long stand-issues such as energy storage and ensures the energy powering our EVs is actually green.”

Prioritising value creation for local communities

Better Energy Charge exemplifies how Better Energy creates value for local communities while contributing to the green transition. Through open dialogue and an understanding of the regional context, Better Energy can introduce initiatives that address local needs when proposing to bring large-scale solar parks to municipalities. Through strategic and collaborative planning, Better Energy has delivered a charging park that offers affordable electricity prices, expands the charging network and creates community green space. EV charging, alongside local renewable energy production, are examples of how Better Energy can contribute to municipalities’ sustainability targets and climate change mitigation ambitions.

“Last year, the City Council approved Project Zero’s MasterPlan2029. We have approximately 39,000 passenger cars in the municipality today, and of that share, 34% must run on electricity by 2029,” said Erik Lauritzen, the Mayor of Sønderborg Municipality in connection with the charging park opening. “It is important that we work with a variety of partners to bring the infrastructure and renewable energy to the region to help achieve the municipality’s long-term targets.”


A charging park where people, nature and energy coexist

Throughout the development of Better Energy Charge, the emphasis was on designing an EV charging park that reduces noise and air pollution and creates room for nature. The charging park’s green roof includes a rest area and viewing platform that overlooks Better Energy’s neighbouring solar park. By using bio-based building materials such as mass timber and implementing a rainwater system through the green roof, the design invites nature back to the infrastructure. Along with providing affordable energy and pricing transparency, Better Energy Charge strives to create a place where people, nature and energy coexist.


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