23 August 2023

Atea and Better Energy PPA Continues IT Sector’s Transition to Renewable Energy

Atea, the largest IT infrastructure supplier in the Nordic countries, has signed a 10 year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Better Energy. The opportunity to purchase green electricity will allow Atea to move closer toward its ambition of being carbon-neutral by 2030.

The PPA also demonstrates the IT sector’s intent to secure reliable and cost-effective renewable energy. Through the partnership, Atea will contribute to the development of a new solar park that will deliver additional green energy to the Danish grid later this year.

Green leadership in the IT industry

Atea, named the world’s most sustainable IT infrastructure company a second year in a row by Global Knights, has made significant strides in decarbonising its operations. The PPA with Better Energy will allow Atea to offtake one-third of its energy consumption in Denmark. With a long-term agreement for green electricity in place, Atea can also focus on other sustainable practice initiatives, such as working with its partners to recycle and repurpose electronic devices.

“By partnering with Better Energy, we will help contribute to creating more green electricity, rather than just purchasing the energy that already exists on the grid,” said Andreas Schjølin, Sustainability Manager at Atea. “By directly procuring renewable energy through a PPA, companies can showcase their commitment to sustainability and environmental leadership. It demonstrates a genuine effort to reduce carbon emissions and support the development of clean energy technologies.”

PPAs designed to support the IT sector’s transition to green electricity

Growing demand for IT and digital services has made the sector increasingly more energy intensive. IT solution providers like Atea are pursuing corporate PPAs to secure a stable and affordable supply of green electricity. PPAs are a way for organisations to help boost the development of new green energy projects while understanding their future energy costs and moving toward sustainability targets. Better Energy is already partnering with a diverse group of IT companies, including Google and JN Data, to help them transition to renewable energy.

“Atea holds a prominent position in the IT industry, and we are excited to welcome them as a Better Energy partner. Like many progressive IT and software companies, they are taking the important steps to ensure the energy they consume is green,” said Mikkel Thorup, Director of PPAs at Better Energy. “As we scale production of renewable energy, there will continue to be opportunities for innovative companies across all sectors to offtake clean electricity and participate in the green transition.”

Contributing to additional green energy

Atea’s decision to commit to a long-term PPA means it is contributing to the development of a new solar park. When connected to the grid later this year, the park is expected to deliver an additional 70 GWh of annually produced renewable energy. The guarantee of additional renewable energy is one of the reasons Atea chose a Better Energy PPA instead of purchasing energy already in the grid. Due to the need and rising demand for renewable energy, the park is being developed and built on market terms without subsidies.

“With a Better Energy PPA, Atea directly supports the development of a new renewable energy project. By entering into a long-term agreement to purchase the energy generated by this solar park, Atea helps to increase the supply of renewable energy in the Danish grid, thereby accelerating the transition to clean energy,” adds Andreas Schjølin.