16 July 2018

Restaurant chain Cofoco partnering with Better Energy

In a new type of partnership with Better Energy, Cofoco has become co-owner of a Better Energy solar park that produces enough power to more than cover the energy needs of all its restaurants, now and far into the future.

The restaurant sector consumes a hefty amount of electric power, but Danish restaurant chain owner Cofoco can now boast that it produces more energy than it consumes. By investing in partial ownership of a Better Energy solar park, Cofoco minimises the impact that servicing over 400,000 guests annually can have on the environment. Cofoco has shown a strong commitment to a greener future for Denmark.

"It is clear that we are facing some major climate challenges, and we all have a responsibility to act and reverse negative development trends. This partnership with Better Energy completely offsets our energy consumption with the production of solar energy and represents a major step forward towards a green future for us. We believe that progress must be driven by companies like us, and we hope that our initiatives inspire other companies to take similar action to speed up the green transition in Denmark,” says Christian Lytje, partner and director at Cofoco.

First of its kind

The solar park is developed and built by Better Energy, which also manages the operation of the park. This partnership breaks the mould of conventional thinking that innovative climate investments are reserved for larger companies in certain industries. On the contrary, this cooperation is an example of how new collaborations make it possible to create real change in relation to the environment.

Rasmus Lildholdt Kjær, CEO of Better Energy, says: "Companies play a key role in the green transition, but it requires courage to think differently. Our partnership with Cofoco is a first in Denmark, but I don’t doubt that it can help set new standards for how companies in a wide variety of industries can assume their share of responsibility."

Surplus clean energy

The solar park is located in Northwest Jutland and covers an area of six hectares, corresponding to nine football pitches. In addition to producing green energy for Cofoco's 13 restaurants and for the company’s production of convenience food, the solar park will generate approximately 1,500 MWh of green energy for the national energy grid. This amount of energy is equivalent to the annual consumption of 950 average Danish households. The surplus energy production means that Cofoco will also be covered by green energy as their business expands in the future.