17 August 2021

ATP Real Estate enters into PPA with Better Energy for energy from new solar park

ATP Real Estate is the first real estate company to sign a power purchase agreement (PPA) in Denmark. Under the agreement, the electricity ATP Real Estate purchases for its properties will be covered exclusively by Danish solar energy and Better Energy will build a new Danish solar park.

When the lights are switched on at the end of 2022 in parking basements, in stairways or in other common areas in the property portfolio at ATP Real Estate, the electricity consumption will be offset by the corresponding electricity production from a new Danish solar park. This new PPA ensures that the amount of new green electricity that will be added to the electricity grid will match the consumption of the common areas of the properties as well as the total consumption of ATP Real Estate’s own offices in Copenhagen and Aarhus.

Martin Vang Hansen, CEO of ATP Real Estate, comments on the agreement:

“We are delighted that we are switching our entire electricity procurement to green electricity and thus helping to accelerate the green transition and the amount of renewable energy in Denmark. Increasing the sustainability of our properties is to the benefit and joy of our customers and it also creates a better long-term return for our members. For us as a property owner, it is an attractive match that supports both rising customer demand and increased sustainability requirements for the real estate industry.”

Head of ESG at ATP Real Estate Peter Hebin Bruun adds:

“We have continuously reduced CO2 emissions from our property portfolio through numerous energy improvements, and we look forward to taking another big step in the right direction with the new power purchase agreement. We have already established solar panels on several of our properties. With this agreement, we can ensure new green energy for electricity consumption in the common areas in all our properties. We are looking forward to this initiative very much.”

The solar park will be built in Stevning near Sønderborg and will be completed during 2022. With a capacity of 35 MW, the solar park will supply green electricity corresponding to the annual electricity consumption of approximately 22,500 Danes. In addition, the new solar park will be built on market terms without state support.

“It makes a world of difference when companies like ATP Real Estate enter into power purchase agreements that have a real effect on the construction of new renewable energy plants. They are showing how those who consume energy can drive the green transition. That is why we are pleased with the partnership with ATP Real Estate and pleased that we can support their sustainability efforts,” says Rasmus Lildholdt Kjær, CEO of Better Energy.

“For several years, Energi Danmark has handled power purchases on the power market for ATP Real Estate. We will now handle the power purchase agreement from Better Energy, where we ensure that the agreement gives ATP Real Estate the same budget security as before. We are proud and pleased that the agreement brings new renewable energy online,” concludes Viggo Aavang Jensen, sales manager at Energi Danmark.