18 February 2020

Better Energy lights the way with large-scale solar in Poland

The Danish solar energy provider continues its market-leading activities and has made yet another breakthrough in the Polish market with the allocation of two solar projects in the governmental tender for large-scale solar and wind.

Poland is heavily dependent on coal, but now the country is beginning to see the light when it comes to solar power. Installed solar capacity has increased. Better Energy has demonstrated how solar can be scaled up to transition the country to an affordable, low-carbon future. The integrated solar energy provider has become a market leader with a proven business model and an established Polish team that is continually expanding.

At the end of 2019, Poland ran a tender and Better Energy was awarded a total capacity of 48 MW for two large-scale solar projects at a bid price well below average. This marks the first time that large-scale solar has made its way into a Polish governmental tender, and Better Energy has been a large contributing factor in this development with a portfolio of more than 1 GW, the largest portfolio in Poland to date.

Solar can pave the way for a more sustainable energy supply. Better Energy has great experience developing large-scale solar projects and has turned maximising impact with minimal effort from an art into a science. Purchasing solar energy and greening the grid is the best and easiest commercial choice available. The Danish company has already helped prominent Danish corporates deliver climate action with measurable results. Better Energy’s solutions are easy to replicate in markets like Poland, and Poland is expected to be the next big European market for installed solar capacity.

“We have driven change in the Polish market and built a solid position, but there is potential to do much more. Our solutions are integrable, scalable, and we can deploy them on market terms. Market awareness is key. Creating an understanding of the potential of solar and showing that we have advanced and pragmatic solutions that can meet increasing energy demands. Our solutions can contribute significantly to the transition to a fully sustainable energy supply,” says Better Energy EVP for Project Finance and Project Development, Christoffer Fruergaard Larsen and continues:

“Companies are ready to commit and transform their businesses from carbon-intensive to low-carbon operations. They need to know that affordable clean energy is there. We are ready to show them the way to a more sustainable future.”