30 June 2021

TDC NET signs PPA for four new solar parks

Denmark’s largest supplier of digital infrastructure, TDC NET, is now taking a decisive step towards becoming a CO2-neutral company as early as 2028. A power purchase agreement (PPA) with Better Energy ensures that capacity from four new solar parks will be added to the grid in Denmark. The solar parks are expected to supply 140 GWh of electricity in 2023, covering about 60% of TDC NET’s consumption.

TDC NET is taking a significant step with this power purchase agreement and is seeking to enter similar agreements for wind power to ensure that in just seven years, the company will add as much new green energy to the grid as they consume.

The four solar parks will be located on the island of Funen and in Jutland, Denmark, and the first deliveries of green electricity are expected in early 2022. The new solar parks on Funen will be built in Svendborg and Nørre Aaby. The final location of the two parks in Jutland is awaiting final approval.

With PPAs tied to new production facilities for renewable energy, TDC is now delivering on their announced strategy. This means that TDC will reach their ambitious climate targets for neutrality already in 2028 and a 50 percent reduction in 2023 without using guarantees of origin.

“As Denmark’s largest supplier of digital infrastructure, TDC NET finds it important to take social responsibility and support the ambitious plan to transition the entire Danish society to fossil-free energy. This is one of the reasons why we aim to be a climate-neutral company already in 2028,” says Andreas Pfisterer, CEO of TDC NET.

On the road to climate neutrality, it is important for TDC NET that the initiatives launched have a real effect on the climate. Therefore, the company has decided not to use guarantees of origin or so-called green certificates from pre-existing facilities to achieve its goals.

As a result of the PPA with TDC, Danish renewable energy company Better Energy will invest in the construction of the solar parks. Better Energy has extensive experience developing, building and operating solar parks and welcomes the agreement.

“We are pleased that TDC has chosen us as partners. TDC is building the infrastructure of the future, and it is obvious that it must be operated with sustainable, fossil-free, Danish-produced electricity. There has been a minor revolution in solar power in recent years, and it is both a positive development and a wise choice by TDC to include solar power in the company’s sustainability work,” says Rasmus Lildholdt Kjær, CEO of Better Energy.

TDC NET was established in 2019 when TDC Group was divided into two independent companies. TDC NET operates and futureproofs Denmark’s digital infrastructure with the roll-out of fibre optic networks and 5G mobile networks. Data consumption in Denmark is growing by 40 per cent a year, and TDC’s power consumption is expected to increase 2.5 per cent by 2028, despite declining power consumption in other parts of the business.