25 October 2023

COWI and Better Energy Partner to Drive the Danish Green Transition with 10 Year PPA

COWI, a multi-faceted consulting firm with expertise in engineering, architecture, energy and environment, has signed a 10-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Better Energy.

Through the PPA, COWI Denmark contributed to a new solar park from which it will offtake green energy.

Headquartered in Denmark, the company is renowned for supporting global organisations in achieving their sustainability goals. The two companies have previously worked together in parts of the development of Better Energy’s solar parks and are committed to collaborating to progress the green transition in Denmark.

Better Energy partners with another global leader in sustainability

COWI is renowned for its commitment to sustainability, delivering pragmatic solutions for its partners across sectors in Scandinavia, the UK and North America. The company focuses on initiatives related to sustainable energy, large infrastructure, large buildings and climate adaptation and water. In addition to procuring renewable energy, COWI has chosen to refrain from and avoid involvement in fossil fuel projects to effectively reduce its environmental impact.

"Sustainability is at the core of COWI's DNA, and our extensive expertise in the field gives us a special responsibility to accelerate the green transition," says Natalie Shaverdian Riise-Knudsen, Group CFO at COWI. "That's why we have actively declined projects related to fossil fuel extraction, and with this PPA with Better Energy, we are contributing to ensuring that new green power is added to the electrical grid."

Partnering to accelerate the green transition

Previously, Better Energy has engaged COWI as a trusted consultant partner in the development and engineering phases of several of its solar park projects. The PPA is another opportunity for the two companies to drive the transition to renewable energy with projects that target increased biodiversity and create value for neighbouring communities. Strategic partnerships with like-minded companies are essential to Better Energy’s approach to creating new green energy across Europe.

“We’re very pleased to welcome COWI to a growing number of Better Energy partners and even more pleased with their contribution to a new solar park,” said Mikkel Thorup, Director of PPAs at Better Energy. “A PPA is not only a choice to move toward more sustainable business practices, it also directly contributes to the transition to green energy.”

Bringing a new solar park to life

COWI, along with several other companies across various sectors, have contributed to a new 70 GWh solar park located close to Hoby in Lolland Municipality. The solar park is now grid-connected and will generate the same amount of green energy corresponding to the electricity consumption of approximately 43,000 Danes.

While the power from Hoby is accounted for through PPAs, local companies from Lolland will soon have a unique opportunity to buy locally produced green power. Better Energy and Lolland Municipality have entered into an agreement to give local companies the first opportunity to purchase a long-term supply of affordable and reliable green electricity.

Better Energy plans to establish a solar park near Gerringe on South Lolland, offering local companies PPAs that meet their energy consumption needs on attractive terms.


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