07 September 2023

Danish Technological Institute Contributes to a New Solar Park Through Better Energy PPA

Danish Technological Institute (DTI) has signed a Power Purchase Agreement with Better Energy that will allow its Taastrup facility to offtake renewable energy for the next 10 years.

DTI is a key partner in ensuring that the green transition takes place in companies in terms of energy, materials and foods. Having supported many companies with the development and testing of technological solutions that betters climate impact, the Institute is taking steps to reduce its own environmental footprint. Through the PPA, DTI contributes to a large-scale solar park that will increase the supply of renewable energy in Denmark.

“It is very important for us to increase the amount of renewable energy we’re purchasing to power our facilities. This PPA will allow us to offtake enough renewable energy to cover most of the electricity consumption of our Taastrup facility,” says Juan Farré, CEO of the Danish Technological Institute. “With this PPA, we are moving closer to our sustainability targets and support the production of green energy.”

DTI is an independent and not-for-profit research and development institute that promotes the use of technological progress to the benefit of industry and society. The Institute’s focus on climate and energy enables DTI to collaborate with its partners, identifying opportunities to implement environmental improvements and reduce energy consumption. This new agreement will contribute to the flow of renewable energy into the Danish grid.


A new solar park just connected to the power grid

DTI has committed to offtake renewable energy from a 55-hectare solar park near Hoby on Lolland in the Southern part of Denmark. The solar park is now grid-connected and will produce 70 GWh of renewable energy annually. Adding enough sustainably produced energy to cover the consumption of approximately 43,000 Danes. The rising demand for renewable energy in Denmark has meant the solar park will be completed on market terms.

“It is great to see DTI contribute to the Hoby solar park through this PPA,” says Mikkel Thorup, Director of PPAs at Better Energy. “As a trusted partner to many companies on approaches to climate mitigation, the Institute is leading with action by making the decision to offtake enough renewable electricity to cover the consumption of one of its facilities.”

While the power from Hoby is accounted for through PPAs, local companies from Lolland will soon have a unique opportunity to buy locally produced green power. Better Energy and Lolland Municipality have entered into an agreement to give local companies the first opportunity to purchase a long-term supply of affordable and reliable green electricity.

Better Energy plans to establish a solar park near Gerringe on South Lolland, offering local companies PPAs that meet their energy consumption needs on attractive terms.


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