Better Energy was founded with a purpose: We want to make an impact that matters in the transition to renewable energy.


We have come a long way, since we founded Better Energy in Denmark back in 2012. There is still much to do to drive the transition to renewable energy.

We will continue to develop and adjust our solutions as the transition enters new stages.

Along the way, we have been guided by our original manifesto.

The manifesto gives a perspective of what has historically shaped our approach and solutions. It describes the foundation of our business:


1. Perception is reality

We shape our reality – we shape our world. We control our future. We write our own stories. If we believe in something, we can make it happen. Every moment begins with a decision to see things differently. A choice to make things better.

2. Real change is possible

Tomorrow does not have to be like today. Real change is possible when we change the way we work. The world needs novel, intelligent solutions and better working models to ensure a healthy, safe and clean planet. People must believe that real change is possible. The only thing that makes sense is making the world a better place.

3. Vision: Be engineers of a sustainable future

We are driven by the vision of a healthy, safe and sustainable future. We know that sustainable development is not possible without cleaner, renewable sources of power. Advancing renewable energy will promote economic growth, create new jobs, improve the lives of people, reduce climate change and protect the environment.

Our business has a purpose beyond just making money. We want our work to create something larger than ourselves. We want to lead the way and show others how to shape our energy future in a way that benefits society. And we need to make sure that people are moving ahead. We want to actively contribute to the development of new energy solutions. We will be active, not passive, in the process of global change.

4. Mission: Be drivers of a renewable energy revolution

We want to power up the world with unlimited and affordable green energy. We want to improve the lives of people and the environment with power that is clean, reliable, safe and sustainable. Renewable energy has enormous potential to transform how electricity is generated and to improve millions of lives. Green energy sources can help meet the rapidly growing energy demand and the need to expand access to energy.

Time is short. We cannot continue along our current path. We must engineer new ways to make renewable energy efficient and affordable.

  • Explore new directions, markets, financial structures, technologies

  • Advance the deployment of renewable energy as rapidly as possible

  • Deliver renewable energy at the lowest possible cost

5. Strategy: Be impact that matters

Be impact that matters. We want to make a positive measurable difference that lasts for generations. Our ultimate goal is to repower countries and empower their people. Countries need a stable supply of energy as a foundation for growth and prosperity. Access to clean and affordable energy means power for health, education and income.

We want to move our markets away from energy technologies and dependencies that cause problems towards solutions that solve them. Better energy means a better future.

  • Solar energy
    Solar is the most scalable and versatile renewable energy technology that exists today. We want to focus on the reliable, free, endless resources of the sun to change the way our markets are powered.

  • Vertical integration
    Working together in the value chain enables us to scale up with efficency, quality, innovation and lowest cost of energy.

  • Depth over breadth
    We want to stay and improve, not cut and run. We want to achieve impact that matters. We firmly establish ourselves in markets where we can play a pivotal role and create long-term change.

6. Guiding principles:

  • ‘Better and better’: We will constantly challenge the status quo, push boundaries and create new possibilities.

    We question best practices, also the ones that we have created. We foster an optimisation culture – constantly striving to make our designs, systems and decisions as perfect, functional and effective as possible. We create new choices and a new energy reality.

  • We will grow our business with opportunities that offer the greatest business potential in areas where we can make the greatest impact.

    A reliable and affordable source of energy contributes to both economic development and improved human welfare. We focus our resources on those areas where our efforts deliver both financial returns and human benefits.

  • We will be disruptive, dynamic, agile, and always willing to explore and respond to change.

    What makes us successful today might not tomorrow. In a complex and volatile environment, we must learn new skills, adapt and grow. Our potential to learn and change, not our credentials, will be the real key to our future success.