03 August 2023

Four Danish Kitchen Manufacturers Sign-On for Long-Term Renewable Energy

Four companies from the kitchen manufacturing industry in Denmark have signed a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Better Energy. Kvik, DFI-Geisler, Multiform and JKE Design, a group of multifaceted kitchen designers and manufacturers, have committed to a 10-year PPA that contributed to the development of a new solar park in Jutland.

Better Energy’s partnership with the four companies is another example of how organisations with a range of energy demands can purchase renewable energy. By partnering with like-minded companies and understanding the sector’s energy needs, Kvik, DFI-Geisler, Multiform and JKE Design, have secured a stable supply of cost-effective electricity for the next 10 years. Through this corporate PPA model, manufacturers across various industries can move closer to their sustainability targets and participate in the green transition.

“As manufacturers, it is our responsibility to be focused on sustainability and to continue to find ways to reduce the environmental impact of our businesses,” said Henrik Gade Andersen, Director of Strategic Purchase at Kvik. “Partnering with DFI-Geisler, Multiform and JKE Design to purchase green electricity through a PPA with Better Energy is one way to ensure we are moving toward more sustainable business practices.”

Located near Stevning in Jutland, in the south of Denmark, the new solar park adds another 35 GWh of annually produced renewable energy to the Danish grid – equating to the energy needs of 22,500 Danes. The park, which repurposes land previously used for mink farming, will focus on restoring biodiversity in the future by creating microhabitats. Now connected to the Danish grid, Better Energy’s new office in Kolding is managing and maintaining the park.

“The decision by Kvik, DFI-Geisler, Multiform and JKE Design, to address the environmental impact of the energy they consume has had a real impact on establishing a new solar park,” said Mikkel Thorup, Director of PPAs at Better Energy. “It is important that companies with energy consumption needs of all sizes and across all sectors can have the opportunity to purchase renewable energy so that they can strive toward sustainability and take part in the green transition.”