Better Energy is working towards a Future-Fit Society

Better Energy is a renewable energy company founded with the purpose of accelerating the transition to renewable energy sources with better solutions and mass quantities of affordable clean energy.

Guided by our mission, we aim to accelerate the transition to renewable energy as rapidly as possible and at the lowest cost possible. We want to lead the way and show others how to shape our energy future in a way that phases out fossil fuels and benefits biodiversity and ecosystems.


Future-Fit Business Benchmark

We aspire to create positive impacts where we can and support development of our systems in a way that builds the capacity needed for future growth. That is why we are committed to becoming a Future-Fit Business. We adopted the Future-Fit Business Benchmark to manage and improve our social and environmental performance. Our ultimate goal for using this methodology is to work towards eliminating any negative impacts and maximise our influence as a force for good.

In our latest ESG report, we publish our first Future-Fit Statement of Progress in accordance with level 1 requirements.

About Future-Fit Business Benchmark

The Future-Fit Business Benchmark is a management tool grounded in the best available science. It is a unique framework that gives us a clear destination to aim for, a way to assess and guide true progress and a credible and comparable way to report on this progress.


Better Energy was born social and green, and our most important task is to make impact that matters. We want to make a positive measurable difference that lasts for generations. Our ultimate goal is to repower countries and empower their people. Through our work with the Future-Fit Business Benchmark, we pursue a Future-Fit Society that protects the possibility that humans and other life will flourish on Earth forever, by being

  • environmentally restorative,
  • socially just,
  • economically inclusive.

For additional information about the Future-Fit Business Benchmark, click here.

ESG Report 2021

Better Energy shows how community engagement is key to multiplying positive effects and creating synergies with large-scale solar parks. Read how the green transition, when done right, means sustainable power production can bring increased biodiversity and cleaner drinking water.

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