Meet Better Energy

Working at Better Energy is inspiring, fun, and guided by purpose. We ensure this by hiring great people from a wide variety of backgrounds and we are continuously developing our employees.

Our People team is dedicated to building best practices, creating high impact for the business, and making sure that you feel great about going to work. It is our mission to make Better Energy one of the top employers in the world.

When hired, we make sure that new joiners have the best prerequisites to excel in their role, team and Better Energy. This includes a structured pre- and onboarding programme including a virtual reality visit of a solar park.

Guided by our mission, we have set out to strengthen ecosystems and accelerate the green transition at the same time. We measure our sustainability and regenerative efforts using the Future-Fit benchmark.

Inspiring world class leadership for a talented, skilled, engaged, motivated and diverse workforce

Our Leadership Model is the guiding star in our leadership approach and it encompasses a focus on a values-based approach to creating an impact that matters and empowering employees to contribute to the green transition.

All leaders participate in our Better Energy Leadership Development programme, to support and strengthen a unique, positive and supporting leadership culture to the benefit of individuals, teams and Better Energy.

Every single person in our organisation is important, and we will ensure that they develop their personal and professional skills during their employment at Better Energy.